Total Universe 3D Planet lollipops® by Vintage Confections

3D Total Universe Planet Lollipops!
You will receive 6 different planets suspended in front of nebula images! 
Introducing the first 3D lollipop.  An image of the universe appears behind each suspended planet.  100% edible.  
Earth, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus in each set.
A flavor card is included with each pack along with a planet ID card so you know which planet you are enjoying! 
Planet lollipops ®, Solar System lollipops ®

6 flavor gift set includes: Blackberry, Marshmallow, Cotton candy, Green apple, Strawberry, Guava

ALL lollipops are individually wrapped.
Each lollipop weighs approximately 26g and stands about 4.5" high.