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So you have your cart full of goodies but you aren't sure how to check out?  Follow the instructions below!  The links are screen shots of each step and they open in a new window.  Click the cart above at any time to return to your cart and check out.

1) Shop online or design your own

2) Add items to your cart or design your own (if your cart is already done go to Step 3)

3) Click "Cart" here

4) Review your cart.  Add any special instructions and review our terms of service.  If you are paying via Paypal, click Paypal.  If you are using a credit card or Alipay click "check out".

5) Review the next step which shows your cart total.  This is the time to enter a discount code if you have one.  You may also select Paypal at this stage.  Enter your shipping information and continue to shipping method

6) The next step gives you another chance to enter a discount code if you have one and review shipping options.  Continue to payment options

7) On the payment page you can again, enter a discount code if you have one and select a payment option.  We accept all major credit cards, Paypal and Alipay.

8) If your billing information is DIFFERENT from your shipping information, select that here and complete your order.

An email confirmation will be sent to you and we will follow up on the progress of your order as it makes it through our production.  Thank you!