We are the music makers, and we are the dreamers of dreams.
- Arthur O'Shaughnessy & Willy Wonka

We are Vintage Confections. Established in 2008, we create beautiful works of lollipop art featuring your brand, logo, tagline, personal photos, text and digital artwork. Images are encapsulated in each piece making for outstanding conversation pieces at weddings, tradeshows and parties. Do they taste good? Yes. They do. We don't make "old" candy as our name translates. We put a 21st century spin on an 18th century process.

Creativity is intelligence having fun.
-Albert Einstein

Vintage Confections was born out of pure curiosity. Founder, Heather Kelly, had heard of an online handmade marketplace, Etsy, and she was interested in opening her own online store. What to sell? She began with custom fortune cookies where customers could write their own messages. Hancrafted cookies dipped in chocolate with hand-applied decorations began making their way to households across the United States. The cookies became so popular she decided to expand the operation into other sweet treats including lollipops. By 2010, the shop continued to grow and gain attention. Heather became interested in making hard candy lollipops in shapes not available commercially and she began specializing in lollipops made from handcrafted molds. Martha Stewart Weddings provided some attention to these pieces intended for the wedding market and published them in their 2010 edition as escort cards. They later followed up with requests for lollipops for Dylan Lauren's bridal shower in the form of monogram lollipops. (daughter to Ralph Lauren and CEO to Dylan's Candy Bar) With customized requests on the rise, Heather ultimately began offering fully customized lollipops in order to be able to suit every possible need. The edible art lollipop was born in early 2012 after about a year of research and development. The confectionery industry had seen nothing like it and Vintage Confections became the first to offer it.   

If you can dream it, you can do it.
-Walt Disney

Planet Lollipops by Vintage Confections® are actually conceived by Heather Kelly's oldest son Jordan in 2012, aged 15 at the time, who was very interested in space. The spherical shape of the lollipop reminded him of planets and he suggested the idea of making the lollipops with encapsulated planet images. Initially developed for the wedding industry, the encapsulated edible art lollipop ultimately became a world wide sensation by way of the Planet Lollipop® series.  

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.
-Edgar Degas

Vintage Confections manufactures products in the United States. They have one retail presence in Clarendon Hills, Illinois. Vintage Confections business name is derived from hard candy history, dating back to the 1800s. "Vintage" refers to the age behind the history of the hard candy process and "Confections" referring to the sweet output of that process. They manufacture products only in the United States from a fully licensed 14,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Darien, Illinois. They have begun accepting co-manufacturing contracts for specialized products containing boiled sugars geared toward the pharmaceutical and other industries within the US.  Products continue to be made by hand to date.  Customizations include but are not limited to: encapsulated images (any digital image can be used), flavors, branded sticks and wrappers. While initially geared toward the wedding market, Vintage Confections custom lollipops can be suited to any event including corporate, wedding, parties, bridal showers and birthdays.  The options are literally endless and only surpressed by ones imagination.

Creativity is a Continual Surprise
- Ray Bradbury


CORPORATE HEADQUARTERS: 8404 S. Wilmette Ave. Unit F Darien, IL  60561

RETAIL STORE AND COMMERCIAL KITCHEN: 27 S. Prospect Ave. Clarendon Hills, IL  60514


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"Great customer service! All questions were answered in a timely manner. She even rushed my order to insure I received them before my son's party. He loved them!"
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"Wowowow!!! These pops are so tasty and so cute! Each one has a unique and amazing flavor! They're so precious, I just want to eat them all at once. 10/10 will definitely be coming back for more!"
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"The planet lollipops are amazing. Perfect gift for anyone who likes space"
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